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The Experience

The Michigan Business Group is a student-run organization dedicated to introducing the University of Michigan students to the many aspects and functions of business — including consulting, marketing, finance, and accounting — with the goal of helping members integrate business into their respective fields of study. MBG’s aim is to give students hands-on experience with real-world business situations, teach them about various industries within business, and build a community through a variety of events and activities. These activities include, but are not limited to, guest speaker events, industry-specific workshops, case competitions and organization-wide social events. Additionally, MBG also offers a mentorship program, where the MBG executive board works with interested members one-on-one to lend advice, assist with resume revision, and aid in the application process to the Ross School of Business or summer internships.

In order to accomplish these main goals of education, community, and professional development, MBG holds weekly meetings focused on educating its members through a variety of different presentations and interactive activities. Each meeting, the board presents a brief market update to show the relationship between recent news and changes in the market to demonstrate how this relates to business. After this brief overview, the board will dive into one specific topic or industry of business each week. Generally, these industries are presented briefly and discussed by a board member with experience in the field. Afterward, the members receive the opportunity to gain hands-on experience through an interactive activity.

Overall, MBG focuses on educating University of Michigan students with an interest in business. Since business is a very broad topic for students entering this field of study, MBG exists on campus to break ‘business’ down into manageable topics of discussion and learning.

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MBG’s educational meetings give members essential knowledge of various business topics as well as how these areas of business are relevant to members’ chosen fields or interests. Additionally, MBG provides useful tools for members new to the world of business or who are unsure of their specific interests.


Within MBG, members have the option to join a specialized subcommittee in order to continue building their skills and explore their interests in a more focused, hands-on setting. These subcommittees work on a semester-long project, such as client work or investment fund management of MBG’s $10K+ fund.

Mentorship Program

Each member is offered the opportunity to be paired with a mentor who will be able to give them individualized support and advice throughout the term. Mentors help members with understanding business concepts, critiquing resumes, finding internships and much more. Mentors also help members with any academic questions they may have.

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